Insurers and Pension Funds

Can launch a commercially viable voluntary micro-pension and micro-insurance solution for lower and middle-income self-employed individuals.

Do not face a large number of small-value retail transactions. Deal only with wholesale assets and aggregated premiums.



Banks, gig-economy aggregators, MNOs, MFIs and FinTechs can deliver a secure pension and insurance solution to their existing clients, members or partners. Without investing time or resources in building new pensionTech capacity or knowledge.

Enjoy long-term client or partner connect and loyalty, new fee income and a double bottom-line impact.


Pension Administrators

Public and private pension and PF administrators and master trusts running mandatory or voluntary occupational schemes for salaried workers can migrate to a more agile, modern and user-friendly pensionTech platform.

Lowers administration costs. Improves governance, compliance, efficacy, service quality and retirement outcomes.


Governments and Regulators

Can simply "switch-on" a national-level, digital micro-pension and micro-insurance marketplace by leveraging the existing digital financial inclusion ecosystem.

Are able to launch a new micro-pension and insurance scheme based on portable, individual DC accounts for non-salaried workers. Within a few weeks. And at a near-zero capital cost.


Ecosystem Partners

Financial inclusion ecosystem players, such as digital payment service providers and distributors, do not need new capacity to provide micro-pension services.

They operate on a variable cost basis. And became instantly profitable even with modest charges.



Enjoy convenient, secure and affordable access to a simple, well-regulated and portable pension and insurance solution with zero KYC challenges or risks.

Use mobiles or a trusted channel outlet to easily open and operate NID-linked pension and insurance accounts and access information and services. Regardless of where they live or work over time.

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