Issues, Experiences and Solutions in Saving the Next Billion from Old Age Poverty

Parul Seth Khanna, William Price, Gautam Bhardwaj

Download   (size: 3.48 mb)


IT and Digital Solutions for Pension Inclusion: Some Case Studies

Parul Seth Khanna, Gautam Bhardwaj, Varsha Marathe Dayal

Download   (size: 2.92 mb)


Financial Inclusion and Pension Inclusion Lessons Learned on Access, Usage and Financial Capability

Susy Cheston, Dr Elisabeth Rhyne

Download   (size: 3.60 mb)


Towards estimating India’s implicit pension debt on account of civil service employees

Gautam Bhardwaj and Dr. Surendra A. Dave

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Institutional Mechanisms in Pension Fund Management: Lessons from Three Indian Case Studies

Dr. P. S. Srinivas and Dr. Susan Thomas

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