pinBox and Callund U.K. submit their report and recommendations to The World Bank and URBRA on expanding voluntary micro-pension coverage to Uganda’s non-salaried workforce at Kampala


The pinBox and Callund Consulting (UK) undertook a 3-month study jointly with The World Bank and the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA), to develop a scalable strategy and a digital product and process architecture for micro-pensions in Uganda. Fiona Stewart from World Bank, Gautam Bhardwaj from pinBox and Kenneth Donaldson from Callund presented their final recommendations at a national policy workshop co-hosted by World Bank and URBRA at Kampala,.  The recommended model for Uganda would aim to leverage the country’s existing digital finance ecosystem including its national ID to expand voluntary micro-pension coverage to Uganda’s 13 million non-salaried workers.

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