Workshop with the Kenya Retirement Benefits Authority at Nairobi


Mr. Nzomo Mutuku, CEO of the Kenya Retirement Benefit Authority hosted a stakeholder workshop at Nairobi to discuss the findings and draft recommendations from the comprehensive review of the MBAO Pension Scheme by the pinBox and Callund teams under a 6-month World Bank funded study. The pinBox team recommendations included strategies for expanding voluntary pension coverage to Kenya’s 17 million informal sector workers using a digital product and process architecture. The pinBox team involved with this study included Ernesto Brodersohn, Gautam Bhardwaj, Parul Seth Khanna,Ayadav Saha and Achint Ahluwalia. The workshop was attended by the MBAO management and service providers including the scheme fund manager, administrator and trustees. The RBA team included Ms Rose Musonye Kwena and Dr Shem Ouma.

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